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Reviews - Group Solar USA



Inderjeet C

I referred my son-in-law. Ambica always answers my calls and responds to my needs, even hand-delivered my tax documents and checks. Good company.

Gloria C

I need to leave a completely honest review. From the moment the rep from group solar walked into my kitchen to the moment that installation was completed , it was an smooth journey. Very honest and trust worthy workers at every stage. Had my panels installed in late Fall of 2017 and they were up and fully functionally by late winter. I see many complaints about the DOB but that is not group solar and it should not be taken out on the company that is all on the DOB. My opinion is you will be making a big mistake if you dont allow group solar to be your go to company for solar panel installation. The company is A+ in my view

Pettrina Clarke

The process from start to installation was quick. The guys who installed the panels patiently answered my question. The only difficult part is waiting for NYC dept of Buildings to actually come and do the final inspection to turn on my system. That’s why I’m giving them a four star.

Grigory L

I like very much and very excellent service. I have referred some of my family members.

Victoria O

My solar is working perfectly well and I continue to enjoy stable electricity supply in house both in day time and during the night time.

Felix C.

Installation was done professionally and the salesman was A1. The only issue we had was that the city inspector couldn’t wait 3 minutes for us to arrive home and give access. Very good company.

Remi A.

I had Group Solar installing two systems in my 2-family house. The process was very smooth. The building department approved the job after 2 inspections. I had to wait for the electric company to replace the meters, but once that was done, my electric usage has been zero. Both systems are accumulating credits. The real estate credit is considerable. I’m very happy I decided to go solar and that I hired Group Solar. I highly recommend them.

ANNIE XIE Insurance

Group Solar USA installed solar panel for my house in Feb. They applied the tax credit & everything we qualified. This summer my family enjoy the air condition with no hesitation. My kids do not even want to turn off their computers. I will recommend Group Solar USA to all my friend & customers.

Parvesh C

I have had first hand very pleasant experience with Group Solar. They mean business and know what they are doing.

Donald Thom

It’s a good company, nice courteous people and good benefits. Better than most. They explain all the in’s and out’s very well so one can understand what one is getting into. Solar energy is the way to go.