NY-Sun provides incentives for installing solar electric systems throughout New York State. In combination with other components of the NY-Sun Initiative, the goal of NY-Sun is to facilitate a self-sustaining solar electric industry in New York as incentives are lowered and eventually eliminated in response to demand.

NY-Sun offers incentives to help reduce the installation costs associated with solar electric systems up to 25 kilowatt (kW) for residential customers, and up to 200 kW for nonresidential applications (larger multi-unit buildings, schools, not-for-profit, and government) in most of New York State.


How To Participate

Choose a Participating Installer to perform your installation, then make arrangements with your Participating Installer who will:

  • Inspect your location to determine the best system size and placement options,
  • Assist with paperwork for applying to the NY-Sun Incentive Program, including financing options,
  • Perform the installation and submit all paperwork to NYSERDA on your behalf.

Who Can Participate

New York State residents and businesses, including nonresidential applications such as larger multi-unit buildings, schools, not-for-profits, and governmental buildings.