The installed solar capacity reporting is broken down into two sections below. The Preliminary Update section provides program to date values as of the date listed below. There is no report accompanying the preliminary update. The End of Month Update section provides values based upon the most recently prepared end of month report, which contains detailed tables and a listing of all installed solar projects.

New Jersey Solar Installations by Interconnection Type as of 7/31/14

Interconnection Type Project Qty Installed Capacity (kW DC) Total Rebate $ % of Installed
Behind the meter 29,294 1,070,775 $363,501,358 80.1%
Direct Grid Supply 119 266,054.1 $- 19.9%
Total* 29,413 1,298,115.9 $363,501,358 100.0%

*Total= Program to date totals for installed solar projects: preliminary results subject to true-up based upon inspection results. Projects are considered as “Installed” after the Final as built documents are received and accepted. Additional processing steps are required prior to issuance of the NJ Certification number. Upon completion of all NJCEP program requirements, the project is labeled as complete.

NJCEP Solar Project Pipeline as of 7/31/14

Interconnection Type Project Qty Total Capacity (kW DC) % of Capacity
Behind the meter 4,538 80,862.6 22.6%
Direct Grid Supply 36 277,431.7 77.4%
Total* 4,574 358,294.3 100%

Note 1: The projects summarized above and contained in the project list tab are all NJCEP accepted solar projects that have not yet reached the “Installed Project” status. The accepted projects listed in this report are NOT included in the installed project report for the same period.

New Jersey Solar Pipeline Plus Installed Projects as of 7/31/14

Description # Projects Total kW dc Report
Pipeline Projects 4,574 358,294.3 Solar Projects Pipeline
Installed Projects 29,413 1,336,829.1 Solar Installations Report
Total* 33,987 1,695,123.4

This graph shows the cumulative installed solar capacity and a projection of future installed capacity for the combined totals for the CORE, REIP, and SRP programs.